Lawn Mowing Service

All lawns are cut by professional, reliable and fully trained staff using the best equipment available. We cut the lawn, strim the edges and blow debris from paths. We offer a weekly or fortnightly regular mowing service. Our regular service will keep your lawn looking neat and tidy year round so all you have to do is sit back and's done!
UK Lawns Mowing Service
UK Lawns Hedge Trimming Service

Hedge Work

There are many types of hedges that require different levels of maintenance to keep them looking at their best. We offer a one-off or regular hedge trimming service. If your hedge has become too large or overgrown, or requires reduction, removal or renovation we can assist.

Lawn Treatment

As you probably know, just mowing isn't always enough for growing a beautiful lawn. To get the professional results you want, we recommend using our lawn treatment service which avoids all the guesswork and uncertainty that can prevent some homeowners from treating their lawns on their own. Our seasonal package consists typically of 3 to 4 treatments depending on your requirements. Weed and moss control is also available, ask us for more details.
UK Lawns - Lawn Treatment Service
UK Lawns - Lawn Renovation Service

Lawn Renovation

Sometimes depending on the amount of use, a lawn can become a little tired or neglected, or maybe you recently inherited one?
Whatever the situation,
UK Lawns can help.

We offer the following lawn renovation services:
Turf repairs


Power washing is a great way to achieve a rejuvenated look by removing slimy patches, dirt, stains, moss and algae. It can also prevent your paths from becoming slippery in the winter months.
We can clean your paths, patios, walls, fences, decking, pavements, driveways, slabs, block paving, stone slabs, garden furniture, monuments.....even conservatories.
UK Lawns - Power Washing Service
UK Lawns - All Waste Recycled

UK Lawns - Regular Mowing Service

Fully insured
Licensed waste carrier
All waste recycled
Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Additional services we offer: -

Pruning / Lopping

Pruning and training can be offered for all types of shrubs, roses or fruit trees, depending on the species of plant and the time of year.


We will supply, deliver and apply any capacity of mulch, typically bark types. The mulch will enhance the appearance of your borders and also help to suppress weeds and retain moisture. We can also supply a composted soil improver to your beds and borders.

Garden Tidy:

We can assist in all aspects of garden clean ups. Whether you require a full 'make over' or you just need some help cleaning up at the beginning or end of the year, we can help.

A garden clean up will help make your house more desirable to potential buyers if you are selling your property.

Green Waste Removal:

We are licensed waste carriers and can provide a service to remove all green waste from your garden and all waste is recycled.

Other Jobs:

Fence repairs, weed killing, small tree lopping or removal, shed repairs or removal. Ask us if we can do it?'s done!
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